Current trainees

This section will provide advice and guidance to current foundation trainees within the Wales Foundation School. There are details about policies and procedures and information on where to go for additional support throughout your training. In addition there’s information on additional opportunities available within Wales.

All Foundation Doctors in Wales will be allocated an educational supervisor for each 4-month placement within the rotation, for the full two years of their Foundation Programme, to maintain an overview of development and progress of the doctor within the training programme.  Click here to download 'A guide for Foundation Doctors commencing August 2019'.

In addition, some short videos have been produced to assist you. To view the videos, please click on the relevant topic below:

An introduction to the Foundation Training Portfolio and ARCP Video Series

How do I get started with my electronic portfolio?

What is a Personal development Plan (PDP) and why do I need one?

How do I write a Personal Development Plan (PDP)?

What is the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and who is invited?

Getting ready for Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

How to ensure you e-portfolio is ARCP ready?

TURAS is the eportfolio used in the Wales Foundation School and you will be sent login details directly.  

Please click here for any queries you may have regarding TURAS.

Educational and Clinical Supervision

You will be assigned to an Educational Supervisor at the start of the F1 and F2 year. The supervisor will remain your Educational Supervisor for the duration of the year and they will also be your named Clinical Supervisor for your first 4 month placement. When you move onto placements 2 and 3, you will be allocated a new named Clinical Supervisor.

You will be expected to meet with your Educational Supervisor at the start and end of your first 4 month placement and then at the end of placements 2 and 3. Your Educational Supervisor will liaise with your Clinical Supervisors throughout the year to review your progress.

Foundation Programme Directors

There are 14 Foundation Programme Directors based across Wales. Their responsibility is to ensure that a quality programme is being delivered and that each trainee doctor is adequately supervised throughout their training. The Foundation Programme Directors are also responsible for assessing each Foundation Doctor at the end of their F1 and F2 years and to provide additional support to those trainees who require it. For details of your local Foundation Programme Director, click here.

During your programme you can use some of your study leave to arrange a taster in a specialty which does not fall within your rotation. Guidance on how to go about this can be found on the careers pages. To view some of the taster opportunities click here.

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