Educational and Clinical Supervisors

All Foundation Doctors in Wales are allocated an educational supervisor for each 4-month placement within their rotation, for the full two years of their Foundation Programme. Educational supervisors should maintain an overview of development and progress of the doctor within the training programme.

A clinical supervisor will be allocated for each 4-month placement within the rotation and they are responsible for overseeing a specified foundation doctor’s clinical work and providing constructive feedback during a training placement to the trainee.

Within Wales it is recommended that within a post the educational and clinical supervisor are the same person. It is also recommended that Foundation Programme Directors are not educational supervisors as there would be a conflict of interest when reviewing the trainee.

Both Educational and Clinical Supervisors will be required to complete documents within a trainee’s ePortfolio.  This can be done through their own access by viewing trainees allocated to them or by the trainee ticketing them.

Since November 2013 all Educational supervisors must adhere to and sign the Wales Deanery Educational Supervisors agreement. A copy of this can be found here.

Further information on the role of the educational and clinical supervisor can be found in section 5 of the Foundation Programme Reference Guide, a copy of this is available here.

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