F2 Matching Scheme

The Wales Foundation School uses an online portal to match Foundation Year 1 Doctors to an F2 programme. This process is carried out approximately 4 months after the start of the F1 year, allowing the F1 doctor to make an informed decision regarding their choice of F2 job. Doctors are permitted to apply for any F2 programme, including academic programmes, in any hospital in Wales, but are strongly recommended not to repeat specialties during the 2 years.

The process for matching F1 doctors to F2 programmes is detailed below:

• Applicants complete an online application made up of a structured CV and personal statement and a shortlist of 8 F2 programmes, ranked in order of preference.  The personal statement (max 500 words) is deliberately left open to encourage applicants to give an individual and unique statement to support their application.

• The applications are then reviewed, and ranked in order of preference, by the Educational supervisors associated to the shortlisted programmes.   The application form is anonymous and educational Supervisors do not know the order in which applicants have ranked rotations.

• Programmes are then matched to applicants using a dedicated algorithm with a 2:1 weighting.  i.e. there is a greater weighting to the applicants shortlist of programmes than the Educational Supervisor’s shortlist of applicants.

• Consecutive rounds of matching will take place until all applicants have been matched to a programme.

The F2 matching scheme is anonymous, and the following details will therefore be removed from view of the Educational Supervisors when ranking programmes:

Name, GMC number, Medical School, Date of entry to Medical School, Date of qualification, Degree title, Employment dates/locations and References

The only elements seen by the Educational Supervisor are the specialties of the F1 rotation, the structured CV and personal statement.

A scoring system is not applied to the matching scheme. Educational Supervisor ranking is subjective, and supervisors will base their individual rankings on many different criteria.

The system is designed to allow either one or any number of the Educational Supervisors in the rotation to short-list. Where there is more than one supervisor associated with a post, the scores allocated by each supervisor for each candidate are automatically aggregated. As the process is confidential – supervisors have no idea how their colleagues have ranked. If none of these Supervisors shortlist applications, then the programme will automatically be entered into the next round.

Special Circumstances

Please note that pre-allocation on the grounds of special circumstances is not an option when applying for F2 programmes.

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