New Applicants

This section will provide advice and guidance to anyone who is considering applying to the Foundation Programme and outlines what the Wales Foundation School has to offer.

There are details of current programmes available as well as information on how we recruit to the Foundation Programme nationally.

In Wales we also offer Academic Foundation Programmes in both Foundation year 1 and Foundation year 2. Each Foundation School manages their own recruitment process for academic programmes. Therefore it is vital to check with each Foundation School what their local process entails.

To check to see if you are eligible to apply for the Foundation Programme please check the criteria detailed on the Foundation Programme webpages.

In Wales we have an unpaired programme which means you are allocated to a 2 year foundation training programme but you are only allocated to your Foundation year 1 (F1) posts through the national recruitment process. You will apply to your Foundation Year 2 post (F2) posts during your F1 year.

In Wales we allocate F2 programmes through the F2 matching scheme. More information is provided to trainees once they have begun their foundation training in Wales.

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