Standard FP Programmes

Recruitment to the Foundation Programme is a fair and open competitive selection processes for UK and non UK medical graduates via the national website. The application period will take place between Monday 30th September and Friday 11th October 2019.  For current available information on the 2020-2021 national recruitment process please visit the Foundation Programme website.

How many posts are available in the Wales Foundation School?

Within the Wales Foundation School there are 351 available Foundation Training programmes commencing August 2020  This includes 12 academic programmes.

Where can I see a list of available F1 programmes for 2020-21? 

*Please note that these programmes are subject to change.*

Please click here for information on F1 programmes available in 2020-21.  Further information on programmes can also be found by clicking on the information provided by the healthboard here.

Where can I see a list of available F2 programmes for 2020-21?

Please click here for information on F2 programmes available in 2020-21.

*Please note all posts are subject to change, possibly at short notice, according to the needs of the healthboards and the Wales DeaneryAny changes to posts or rotations will meet the clinical and educational requirements of the Wales Foundation Programme and we will endeavour to notify any affected parties as soon as possible.*

Where do I apply for Foundation Posts?

How are programmes allocated within the Wales Foundation School?

Applicants are allocated based on their scores during the national application process and expressed order of preference of programme. The Wales Foundation School allocates all foundation doctors to a 2 year programme however you will only be allocated your first year posts prior to the start of the Foundation Programme.

Applicants will not be asked to attend an interview. Programmes are matched to applicants via an auto-match facility which works through the list of applicants in order of score (high to low) matching them to the highest ranked programme in their preferences that still has a place remaining. Applicants on the same score are selected randomly.

Applicants will be provided with information on which decile they are in, in order to assist them when ranking their posts.

Applicants will be matched to F2 programmes approximately 5 months after the start of the F1 year, allowing the F1 doctor to make an informed decision regarding their choice of F2 job. For more information see the Matching to Year 2 section below.


The timeline for matching applicants to programmes in the Wales Foundation School is as follows:

Thursday 12th March 2020

Primary list applicants informed of allocation to Foundation School

Thursday 12th March 2020

Foundation School inform allocated applicants of the process and deadline for selecting programmes preferences.

12 noon Tuesday 31st March 2020

Deadline for applicants to Wales on primary list to select their programme preferences on ORIEL.

Thursday 9th April 2020

Primary list applicants notified which programme they have been allocated via ORIEL.

May – July 2020

Reserve list applicants will be allocated to any vacancies arisen since the last allocation. 


The deadline for submitting your programmes preferences is 12 noon Thursday 26th March 2020. No late applications will be accepted. If you do not submit your preferences by the deadline, you will be randomly allocated to any posts that remain once the matching process has been completed.

If you do not rank all the programmes and are not matched to one of the preferences you have stated, you will be randomly matched to any programmes available once the process has been completed for all other applicants.

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