Policies and procedures

Educational and Clinical Supervison

All Foundation Doctors in Wales will be allocated an educational supervisor for each 4-month placement within the rotation, for the full two years of their Foundation Programme, to maintain an overview of development and progress of the doctor within the training programme.  Click here to download 'A guide for Foundation Doctors commencing August 2020', which provides more detail.  The Wales Foundation Schoool uses the TURAS eportfolio and you will be sent login details directly once you commence your F1 year.  Please click here for any queries you may have regarding TURAS. 

If you are unable to find the information you require within these pages then please contact us via email.

Maternity Leave

The Deanery is committed to supporting it's trainees through their training including starting a family. The Wales Foundation School Maternity Leave policy has guidance on taking maternity leave during your Foundation Training. 

Study Leave

The Wales Foundation School Study Leave guidance covers the principals of study leave, the days and budget available in each year and details the approval process. 

Taster Sessions

It is possible to use Study Leave to cover time spent in another specialty (which does not fall within your rotation) as a "taster session". Further information on this can be found on the HEIW Careers Pages, specifically the "Planning a Career Taster" document and the specialty contacts excel document. Foundation Doctors may also contact departments independently to arrange taster sessions. 

Inter-Foundation School Transfers (IFST)

Where an applican's or doctor's personal circumstances have changed since submitting their initial Foundation Programme application, and they feel unable to take up or continue the Foundation Programme in Wales, we request that they contact the Wales Foundation School in the first instance. 

If sufficient support and adjustments are not possible, doctors may apply for an IFST through the UKFPO, during the IFST application window. Further details on the criteria and application window can be found on the UKFPO website

If an urgent transfer is required outside of the national IFST window, this will be arranged by the Foundation School, however this is only considered under exceptional circumstances. 

Less than Full Time (LTFT) Training

All Foundation Doctors are eligible to apply to work LTFT and will be accommodation within their allocation rotations where possible. We request that notice of the intention to work LTFT is given as soon as possible, allowing at least 4 months before the preferred LTFT start date. 

A LTFT Training Plan is required for each placement, and the ability to accommodate requests may vary between departments. 

Further information can be found on the policy and approval process can be found on the LTFT website, and any questions can be directed to the Flexible Training team on HEIW.FlexibleTRG@wales.nhs.uk

Please note that training LTFT will result in pro-rata pay and leave entitlement. In turn, this will also extend the time required to complete Foundation Training proportionately (e.g. if working at 50% Whole Time Equivalent, the 2 year Foundation Programme will be completed over 4 years)

Out of Programme (OOP)

Foundation doctors can apply during their F1 year to take a year out between their F1 and F2 year. A maximum of 17 applicants will be permitted to take time OOP in 2021/22.

Applications will be selected at random and must be submitted between Monday 26th October and Friday 6th November 2020. Please note that all required signatures must be obtained prior to submission. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Foundation Doctors who are considering taking time out of programme should download this form and read the guidance notes in the UK Foundation guide prior to completing an application.  In accepting an OOP place, it is expected that Foundation Doctors will imply a committment to return to the Wales Foundation School to complete their training.  

Foundation Doctors who are permitted to take time out of programme between F1 & F2, and wish to return to Wales to complete their F2 year in August 2022, should inform the Wales Foundation School of their intention to return, in writing, by Friday 22nd October 2021.  

Email enquiries should be sent to Sioned Edwards.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Click here for advice and guidance on the ALS course within the Wales Foundation School.

Reservist Leave Policy

The leave policy for army reservists can be found here

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