Recruitment to the Foundation Programme is a fair and open competitive selection process for UK and non-UK medical graduates, which is overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). For information on the current recruitment round, please see the UKFPO website.

Eligible applicants will be registered on Oriel in order to complete the online application form.

Applicants are not required to attend an interview when applying for the Foundation Programmes or the Foundation Priority Programmes (only Academic Foundation Programmes – see Academic F1 Recruitment).

Applicants that are allocated to the Wales Foundation School are asked to rank the Foundation Year 1 (F1) programmes on the scheme in preference order, and will be notified of their decile to assist with this process. For applicants to the Academic Foundation Programme or Foundation Priority Programme, this will occur during the application process. For applicants to the Foundation Programme, this will occur after allocation to the Wales Foundation School.

Allocation to Foundation Programmes in Wales is based on overall scores during the national application process and the Applicant’s preference ranking of Programmes. An auto-match software moves through Applicants (from highest scoring to lowest) and matches them to their highest ranked programme available.

Details of all Programmes can be found on the Programmes tab (once available).

In Wales we have an unpaired programme which means you are allocated to a 2 year foundation training programme but you are only allocated to your F1 posts through the national recruitment process. You will then apply to your Foundation Year 2 (F2) posts during your F1 year through the F2 matching scheme

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