Academic F1 Recruitment

The Wales Foundation School offer 4 Academic Foundation year 1 Training programmes.  There will be 12 posts available in 2021/22.  All programmes are made up of 3x 4 month placements in a variety of specialties.  

All Wales Academic F1 Programmes include a research component, but some also include education and leadership. Specific details of each Programme can be found in the Academic Foundation Programmes booklet on the Programmes tab.

Please note that, whilst applications are for a 2 year Foundation Programme, only the F1 year will be designated as Academic. F2 Programmes are allocated via the F2 Matching Scheme, and there is no requirement for Academic F1s to undertake an Academic F2 Programme (or vice versa).

The Wales Foundation School offers a number of academic Foundation year 2 training programmes.  These include the opportunity to undertake a postgraduate qualification and academic themes include research, education, and leadership. 

Current opportunities include: -

  • Working in conjunction with the School of Medicine at Cardiff University to develop a faculty of near peer teachers amongst its Foundation Doctors.
  • Collaboration with Swansea and Cardiff Universities.

Academic F1 recruitment process for programmes commencing 2021

Academic recruitment to the Wales Foundation School will be managed via a two stage process which commences with a generic national application form.  Prospective applicants must submit their application online to the UKFPO from Monday 19th October 2020 -  Wednesday 4th November 2020.

Full details of the Academic Foundation Programmes and national recruitment, can be found on the UKFPO website.

The second stage of the process will be managed locally a timetable of the local academic recruitment process for the Wales Foundation School is available below.


Once a Foundation Programme application has been submitted, applicants are able to complete up to 2 Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) applications.This is completed on the Oriel recruitment Portal  You find further information in the Applicant's Handbook on the UKFPO website.  

The Wales application form includes three white space questions, listed on the UKFPO website


The Wales AFP requires doctors to meet all the requirements of foundation training, alongside their academic activity, and therefore, the Wales Foundation School expects applicants to demonstrate both a strong clinical and academic ability.

Applicants will be long listed based on their EPM score. If there remain more candidates than interview slots after long listing, the application form and additional educational achievements will form the basis of shortlisting.

***Due to the Covid-19 crisis the longlisting process for Academic F1 Programmes within the Wales Foundation School could be affected. This is due to the fact that the EPM deciles received from Medical Schools may not be final at the time of our longlisting. As a result, the Wales Foundation School plans to longlist those in the top 6 deciles, instead of the top 5 deciles to ensure anyone who may be on the cusp on the 5th decile will be invited to interview.

Any applicant who moves into the top 5 deciles of their Medical School after 14th December 2020, and would like to be considered for an F1 academic post within the Wales Foundation School, should contact the by 12 noon on Friday 18th December, so that they can be reviewed on an individual basis.***


Interviews take the format of a question based discussion split between two panels; one focused on academic achievement and the other on clinical.

Should you be called to interview you will be informed of anything that is required at that time. 

Due to the Covid19 pandemic interviews will be carried out using Microsoft teams for the 2021 academic process

Covid-19 Contingency Plan

In the event that interviews have to be cancelled due to COVID, all Academic Programmes will be included in the main Foundation Programme offering and recruited to alongside our standard Foundation and LIFT Programmes. A decision will be made on whether interviews will go ahead on Friday 20th November 2020, and will be based on the situation at that time. In this scenario, you will be withdrawn from the Wales Academic Programme application process, and will need to be allocated to Wales for your Foundation Programme in order to preference our Academic Programmes.

Timetable for Academic Foundation Year One recruitment commencing August 2021

August 2020

View available Academic foundation programmes.

From 12th October 2020

Register and confirm on ORIEL at - You must register on ORIEL and confirm you are a nominated applicant before you can access the application form. Once confirmed, you will be able to see your EPM decile score.

19th October - 4th November 2020 (12.00 noon GMT)

Complete the online application form for both the Foundation Programme and Academic Foundation Programme - Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

4th November 2020– 8th Jan 2021

Local recruitment process takes place including shortlisting and interviewing

Wales Foundation School Application dates:
By 12th November 2020 - Applications long-listed
Friday 13th November 2020- Long-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview

Interview dates:

Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd December 2020

13th - 15th January 2021

AFP initial offers date - AUoAs send emails via ORIEL (applicant accepts or declines by
midday on 15th January 2021).

20th Jan - 11th Feb 2021

AFP cascade offers period

11th Mar 2021

FP primary list allocation

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