Additional Information

This page provides additional information applicable to new applicants. Policies that apply for current Foundation Doctors can be found on the Policies and Procedures tab.

Special Circumstances

Applicants can apply for approval to be pre-allocated to a Foundation School due to special circumstances, through a formal UKFPO process (detailed on their website).

The application deadline is 12 midday (GMT) on Wednesday 4th November 2020.   

Upon allocation to the Wales Foundation School, an applicant with approved special circumstances will be matched to a suitable location and rotation. 

Linked Applications

Linked applications will be recognised for allocation to Foundation School, however they will not be considered during allocation to Programmes or Health Boards.

Swapping Places

It is not possible to "swap" places with another applicant after allocation to a Foundation School, and the Wales Foundation School does not allow doctors to swap Programmes after allocation.

If an applicant's personal circumstances have changed since submitting their initial application, they may apply for an Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST). Further information on this can be found in the Policies and Procedures tab.  


A period of 4 days paid shadowing will take place for all F1 Doctors in Wales, prior to commencing the Foundation Programme. Dates for this recruitment round can be found on the Programmes tab


In Wales, hospital accommodation is provided free of charge for a Foundation Doctor's first 12 months of training.

Time out of Foundation Programme

For information about take Time out of Foundation Programme, please visit the Policies and Procedures page.  Please note a maximum of 17 Foundation Doctors will be permitted to take Time Out of Foundation Programme.  Applications are selected on first come-first served basis.  Working abroad for the F2 year is not accredited by the Wales Foundation School.

Study Leave

All Foundation trainees (including less than full time trainees) are eligible for Study Leave. View the Wales Foundation School Guidance.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

To view Terms and Conditions of Service (TCS) click here.


To view the current rates of pay click here. Less Than Full Time posts will be paid pro-rata.


The responsibility of providing information regarding banding lies with the Health Boards from whom information should be sought. However, applicants for posts should note the following principles, which are in line with legal advice given to Local Health Boards in Wales:

If an applicant contacts a Local Health Board personnel officer to enquire about the pay banding of a particular Foundation Training post, the Health Board should give them the information that currently applies to the post. However, this does not mean that the applicant will be entitled to pay protection at the level of banding that is applicable at the time of enquiry.

Pay protection can only be claimed from the time that an appointee formally accepts an appointment to a post, and final year medical students are not in a position to accept an appointment until they have successfully passed their final examinations. Normally Local Health Board Personnel Departments send out the formal offer of a post to all new Foundation Trainees late in June or early July each year; along with your contract of employment, once final medical school examination results have been made known.

Please note that all hospital training posts are monitored twice a year in accordance with government regulations for New Deal working hours. As a result, the pay banding can change. 

Annual Leave

F1 doctors are entitled to 27 days annual leave in the year, which does not include the 8 statutory holidays. If a foundation doctor works any part of a bank holiday they are entitled to an additional days leave in lieu.

In some specialties there is some restriction on when a foundation doctor can take their leave during the 4 months (e.g. not on their ‘hot week’ for surgery). Foundation Doctors will be informed of any specific restrictions on when they can take leave by the individual directorates.

The foundation doctor is required to book their leave at least 6 weeks in advance via the relevant Practice Manager.

Visa / Work Permits / Leave To Remain

If the applicant is a non-resident of the United Kingdom or European Economic Union, they are required to have a valid work visa and leave to remain in the UK, which is renewed as required. The Health Board is unable to employ or continue to employ the applicant/post holder if they require but do not have a valid work visa and/or leave to remain in the UK.  If you have been appointed to the Wales Foundation School via the national F1/F2 standalone recruitment process and require a TIER 2 VISA, please click here.

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