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How many posts are available in the Wales Foundation School?

There are 351 Foundation Programmes available in Wales commencing August 2021.  These are made up of 12 Academic Foundation Programmes, 9 Foundation Priority Programmes, 12 LIFT Programmes and 318 standard Foundation Programmes.

Where can I find out further information about the Foundation Priority Programmes available in the Wales Foundation School?

There will be 9 priority programmes in the Wales Foundation School and these will be based in Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth.

The posts include a teaching commitment in the clinical setting, equivalent to a session per week during term time. Students on the C21 course at the School of Medicine, Cardiff have the opportunity to undertake the year-long Community and Rural Education Route (CARER) programme in Mid Wales and the Foundation Priority Programme post holders will participate in this teaching. The School of Medicine will provide a ‘Teach the Teacher’ course and on-going mentoring, along with the Foundation School. Free accommodation is provided for F1 doctors, as with elsewhere in Wales and post holders will participate in the F2 matching scheme during the year, to determine the rotation and location for the second year of the Foundation Programme (Wales has an unpaired programme).

Where can I find further information about Right to Work in the United Kingdom (UK)?

Please click here for information published by the UKFPO.

Where can I find information about the academic appeals process?

The appeals process can be found here.

How are posts allocated within the Wales Foundation School?

Applicants are allocated based on their scores during the national application process and expressed order of preference of programme. The Wales Foundation School allocates all foundation doctors to a 2-year programme, however, you will only be allocated your first year posts prior to the start of the Foundation Programme.

Applicants will not be asked to attend an interview. Programmes are matched to applicants via an auto-match facility which works through the list of applicants in order of score (high to low) matching them to the highest ranked programme in their preferences that still has a place remaining. Applicants will be provided with information on which score band they are in, in order to assist them when ranking.

Applicants will be matched to F2 programmes approximately 5 months after the start of the F1 year, allowing the F1 doctor to make an informed decision regarding their choice of F2 job.  For more information see the Matching to Year 2 section below.

I have been allocated to the Wales Foundation School, what happens next?

Applicants allocated to Wales will receive an email from the Wales Foundation School after 12:00 noon on  Thursday 11th March 2021 informing you of the preferencing process.  A copy of the email will be available to download here, and a graph of our applicant scores will be available here.

A table providing a breakdown of minimum applicant scores, for 2017/18 and 2018/19, by healthboard and hospital can be found here. Please note that there has been an adjustment to the healthboard boundaries in Wales and therefore the previous schemes may not cover the listed hospitals for 2021.  

I am a standalone applicant requiring a TIER 2 VISA, how do I apply?

Please click here for further information.


The timeline for matching applicants to programmes in the Wales Foundation School is as follows:

  • Thursday 11th March 2021- Primary list applicants informed of allocation to Foundation School
  • Thursday 11th March 2021 -  FS inform allocated applicants of the process and deadline for selecting programmes preferences
  • Tuesday 30th March 2021, 12 noon - Deadline for applicants to Wales on FP primary list to select their programme preferences on ORIEL *
  • Thursday 8th April 2021 - Primary list applicants notified which programme they have been allocated.
  • From April 2021 - Reserve list applicants will be allocated to any vacancies arisen since the last allocation.


If an applicant does not submit their Programmes Preferences by the deadline, or if none of their ranked programmes are available when they are matched, they will be randomly allocated to any Programmes that remain after the matching process is complete. 

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